Amazing water vessel concept!!! I remember a quote while reading the I Ching (Book of Changes): observing nature is a secret source of power.” It seems that Italian engineer Ugo Conti looked at water insects for inspiration to build this unique water vessel design, I have to agree with them, it is a “new vessel class.” After sailing with his family for 3 years suffering from sea sickness, he decided to find a better solution to ocean navigation minimizing the impact of the rocking motion produced by waves. The result is PROTEUS WAM-V (Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel) prototype, an experimental futuristic looking watercraft, resembling a water spider (or water mosquito), using the legs to float on top of the water, thus the nickname “Spider Boat or The Spider Ship.” Marine Advanced Research, Inc. co- founders Ugo Conti and his wife Isabella Conti are leading this innovative watercraft design, developing WAM-V watercraft models suited for ocean exploration, biological studies, sea rescue, military uses and remote vehicle operations.
For more info and other WAM-V models, visit their website
KQED produced the video on the PROTEUS WAM-V watercraft.