EHang 184 – World’s first passenger drone!

EHANG 184 was designed to be the safest, smartest and eco-friendly low-altitude autonomous aerial vehicle, aiming at providing Medium-short-distance transportation solution.
Although paved with obstacles, but with unremitting endeavours they’ve succesfully achieved the design KPI (key performance indicators) of this prototype during it’s test flight. Important to mention that EHANG developed their own dynamic propeller testing system. They’ve designed the application for the EHANG 184, which allows you to set up your flight plan, then simply sit back and enjoy your flight. Looks like this enthusiastic group of engineers has lived up to their motto “Once we begin, we will never give up.” Congratulations to the EHANG team on their new prototype.

600HP Porsche Mission E Concept Electric Car

German automobile manufacturer Porsche AG, has led the way when it comes to high performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. They are now entering the new age of electric vehicles, pushing their legendary design innovation with this 600 HP dual electric motor Porsche Mission E Concept Electric Car.

Blockchain explained to young and old.

Vaya Futuro – Tips para ir de viaje (disco nuevo completo)

Nuevo disco de la banda mexicana Vaya Futuro, “Tips para ir de viaje”.
Disponible en todas las plataformas de streaming.

Bonfire Madigan – 20 years of music!

Bonfire Madigan
We could say that singer/composer/vocalist/looping artist Madigan Shive is a brilliantly inspired punk rock cellist, but labels tent to limit. Madigan is a creatively prodigious liberal progressive woman who exudes love, hope and belief in the power of change. Her music and collaborations explore a wide range of emotions from the darkest places to the most sublime. Have a listen from this 20 year anthology and support her work by purchasing her tunes now available on Bandcamp.

How the blockchain will radically transform the economy by Bettina Warburg

BURNING MAN 2016 – Festival Highlights

A Burning Man video compilation put together by Epic Life. Featuring the fine work of videographers: Christopher Farro, Alvin Nguyen, Alex Colby, Derek McCoy, UBERcut, Ari Fararooy, Gilles Bonugli Kali/LUXX. Audio: NaNa & MARIN – OK.

Simon Sinek talk on the Millennial generation

“Mind The Matrix” Full Documentary

We watched this documentary and thought that the author and producers put together some inspiring ideas and hopeful solutions for the future.

Living Bridges in Meghalaya, India!

In the Kashi Hills region of Northeast India, near the town of Cherrapunji you can find strong living bridges made from the roots of Strangler Fig trees, these trees were planted by a local man named Harley who has been caring for them for years, and is now passing his knowledge on to his niece Julianna. They weave the roots so they can strengthen these bridges in order to survive the flood waters coming down during large rain storms.

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