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While searching for the latest computer generated music software I came across a customizable online “artificial intelligence” algorithm that turns your computer into a music composer, you can select options and download a MIDI or MP3 file of the song. Not really ready to be hits but, I can certainly hear how some parts in these computer generated compositions could be used to inspire ideas or be modified into workable projects; which brings up some interesting points on the use of artificial intelligence to assist producers and artists in creating future hits, this article: HOW AI-GENERATED MUSIC IS CHANGING THE WAY HITS ARE MADE,” covers some interesting points and features before and after versions of the music used in this music video by artist Taryn Southern:

On the importance of sound.

As far as sound goes, many professionals audio as half of the movie experience, sometimes more importand than visuals depending on the scene. Found this interesting video on this topic. make sure to like and subscribe to their channel if you enjoy it.

Seeing with your Ears: Spielberg and Sound Design.

New Electric Car Concept by SONY USA.

It is truly inspiring to see electric concept cars popping all over, this luxurious gem from SONY USA surprised everyone and brings hope for a fossil fuel free automotive future. Time for major car companies who have not already joined in, to take note and start innovating. This Digital Trends article has all the details and photos.

Essential Bumblebee on Endangered Species List!


Here we go… we knew the day would come, I was hoping people, governments and farmers would take notice from the start, but many dismissed our warnings as conspiracy theories, as usual. I remember reading articles about scientific discoveries stating that colonies of bees were being wiped out by the use of FUNGICIDES used in agriculture.

Read more in this article from Healthy Food House for more information.

Blockchain explained to young and old.

Vaya Futuro – Tips para ir de viaje (disco nuevo completo)

Nuevo disco de la banda mexicana Vaya Futuro, “Tips para ir de viaje”.
Disponible en todas las plataformas de streaming.

Bonfire Madigan – 20 years of music!

Bonfire Madigan
We could say that singer/composer/vocalist/looping artist Madigan Shive is a brilliantly inspired punk rock cellist, but labels tent to limit. Madigan is a creatively prodigious liberal progressive woman who exudes love, hope and belief in the power of change. Her music and collaborations explore a wide range of emotions from the darkest places to the most sublime. Have a listen from this 20 year anthology and support her work by purchasing her tunes now available on Bandcamp.

How the blockchain will radically transform the economy by Bettina Warburg

Imogen Heap’s Mi.Mu Gloves

Composer Imogen Heap has been involved developing these “gesture” based MIDI controller gloves, for some time now.  This video (from 2014) shows the artist demonstrating the basic features.

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