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El Chiflon Waterfalls in Chiapas, México!

Kristina & Michael of Off Path Travels present El Chiflon Waterfalls in Chiapas, México.

A lot of friends in México tell me that my photographs of Hawaiian hiking trails remind them a lot of the Chiapas landscape. After seeing this, I have to agree. I highly recommend checking out these amazing posts from my friends at Off Path Travels, check out their website and follow their travels, they are doing a beautiful job at exploring wonderful travel destinations and sharing useful travel tips, eyecatching photos and drone videos about exotic places we haven’t even heard about. If you like to travel off the beaten path, this is meant for you. Can’t wait to see what they share with us next! Aloha.

Living Bridges in Meghalaya, India!

In the Kashi Hills region of Northeast India, near the town of Cherrapunji you can find strong living bridges made from the roots of Strangler Fig trees, these trees were planted by a local man named Harley who has been caring for them for years, and is now passing his knowledge on to his niece Julianna. They weave the roots so they can strengthen these bridges in order to survive the flood waters coming down during large rain storms.
ARTE Documentary did a wonderful journalistic job of capturing this place.

Living Bridges in Meghalaya, India! by ARTE Documentary.