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Blame the Gnome

As with most art, how can one begin to describe experiencing a drawing or illustration? We can try to categorize, label, praise or dislike it… or we can simply welcome the experience and have a taste.

Blame the Gnome is a prolific brand created by self-taught Illustrator Victor Souza, from Tijuana / San Diego. He often draws the spectator in with a miriad of curious details, transporting you into his unique worlds. The fine line illustration work is exquisite. Blame the Gnome illustrations are featured on a diverse catalog of products and unique gift ideas. I invite you to visit his work and share these visionary windows with friends.

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Jean “Moebius” Giraud

Most of us have been captivated by Jean “Moebius” Giraud’s unique art style, some of us without even knowing it. Moebius started out in French comics and became a legend, later catching the attention of directors like Alejandro Jodorowski (“Dune”), Ridley Scott (“Alien”), Luc Besson (“Fifth Element”) and others. At first, his illustrations’ style of line work reminded me a little of Peter Max and his psychedelic posters of the 60s. Not sure who influenced who, but I can see some Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau also. This “In Search of Moebius” (BBC 4 Documentary) does a great job of introducing us to his life’s work. Hope it inspires you!