Month: January 2019


The Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept

The ASTON MARTIN VOLANTE VISION CONCEPT is a “flying car” design concept by Aston Martin (of 007 James Bond car fame) in partnership with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Cranfield University and Rolls-Royce. This experienced team have developed an beautiful concept for vertical take-off personal air mobility, which I believe outshines all other designs so far.
Looking forward to this dream becoming a reality soon, it’s the first personal flying vehicle that really catches my eye, other drone-based vehicles seem to be quirky proposals from tech brains with little input from industrial designers, but this one really looks like it was designed by sci-fi illustrators for the future. Best of luck to Aston Martin and partners!
Visit the Aston Martin webpage for more photos and information here:

Essential Bumblebee on Endangered Species List!


Here we go… we knew the day would come, I was hoping people, governments and farmers would take notice from the start, but many dismissed our warnings as conspiracy theories, as usual. I remember reading articles about scientific discoveries stating that colonies of bees were being wiped out by the use of FUNGICIDES used in agriculture.

Read more in this article from Healthy Food House for more information.


Clean plastic free beach on windward side of Oahu, Hawaii.  Photo by E. Ros.
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Nothing better than a clean sandy beach and ocean. Let’s do our part to keep them free from plastics, bottles, aluminum cans, fishing nets/lines and trash.

Global alliance to take on plastic waste in the environment!
A new initiative focuses on the investment and environmental value of reducing plastic waste. I am hoping that each and every one of us, begins the process of re-assesing our consumption and use of plastics. I am sure we can come up with creative long-term solutions to benefit the planet and future generations. There are many alternative products using recycled resources and sustainable materials, all it takes is a little awareness and willingness to be a part of the solution. Aloha!
For more information read the article in the link below: